Consultation Timeline

In April 2017 we announced our decision to reopen Colston Hall under a new name following our two-year, £48.8 million redevelopment.

For many years the Hall has been the lightning rod for a debate on the legacy of the slave-trader and philanthropist Edward Colston. Built 146 years after his death, Edward Colston was not a benefactor to the Hall and there is no material connection with the man or his wealth, and when we reopen it will be with a name that reflects our values as a progressive, forward-thinking and open arts organisation.

This decision is part of fulfilling our ambition to develop a new vision for the Hall.

We want to be completely transparent about the process we’re undertaking in order to develop our vision for the transformed Hall, including what it is called.

Here, we set out our consultation timeline.

September 2018

Audience Survey

  • We emailed 30,000 of our audience members with an initial survey
  • We asked them how they engage with the Hall currently, how aware they are of our different programmes of work and what their hopes are for the transformed Hall
  • This helped us develop some draft statements for our new vision, which we took forward into the next stages of consultation

October 2018

Audience Forum

  • We invited 40 participants to an audience forum at Colston Hall on Saturday 6 October
  • Participants were a mixture of existing audience members and people who have not attended the Hall before
  • We tested the draft statements for our new vision, explored how our existing brand is perceived and ran in-depth focus groups to explore the issues surrounding the decision to reopen with a new name following our transformation

December 2018

Public survey

We opened a survey to the public, to further gauge how people across the city currently engage with the Hall, gather input on our developing vision and feedback on the re-naming. We had around 1,500 responses.

The survey closed in February 2019.

January/February 2019

Community consultation days

In early 2019 we hosted consultation days in a number of venues across the city to give people the opportunity to meet with us in person and give feedback on our developing vision and the re-naming.

To find out more, please click here.

March & October 2019

Colston Hall Discovery Days

Following our community consultation days we invited the city to visit us on Saturday 16 March and Friday 11 October to find out more about all aspects of the transformation, including the physical changes to the building which will make it a world-class venue as well as progress on our new vision and renaming.

Autumn 2019

Gathering findings

Following our consultation, we will be building a report on what we have found out. We will announce the release of that report early in spring 2020.

*The publication of this report has been delayed due to the impacts of COVID-19.*

Spring 2020


We’ll be going back into communities and hosting open sessions to share our process and the findings of our report in March/April 2020 and get further thoughts on what we have found and next steps.

*We have been unable to visit communities to host these sessions due to the impacts of COVID-19*

Development of new name and vision

Throughout this reporting and further consultation phase we will be developing ideas for a new name and vision for the transformed organisation.

Announcement of new name

TBA in 2020