Artistic Programme

In April 2017 we announced our decision to reopen Colston Hall under a new name following our two-year, £48.8 million redevelopment.

For many years the Hall has been the lightning rod for a debate on the legacy of the slave-trader and philanthropist Edward Colston. Built 146 years after his death, Edward Colston was not a benefactor to the Hall and there is no material connection with the man or his wealth, and when we reopen it will be with a name that reflects our values as a progressive, forward-thinking and open arts organisation.

This decision is part of fulfilling our ambition to develop a new vision for the Hall.

As part of our Together Through Music strand, we are consulting widely to help shape this new vision.

We are also initiating a number of creative projects that help us think about and address the many issues raised by our decision to open under a new name, ensuring that we do not forget the past but bring people together to creatively reflect on the history and legacy of the transatlantic slave trade.

You can find out about events that are taking place and look back at previous events via the links below.

You can find our more about our consultation and  read our Together Through Music statement here.

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