Name a seat supporters

We are hugely grateful for the kind support shown by hundreds of individuals, businesses and organisations who have chosen to support our Transformation by naming a seat in our newly transformed hall.

The names listed below have purchased a seat with a personalised plaque mounted on the back for 20 years along with a hand-crafted certificate in celebration of their gift. To find out how you can support our Transformation and to name a seat today, click here.

Thank you to our supporters

Caroline Abrahams
Chris Addey
K Ames
R Anderson
Lynne Annear
The Astley Trust
Fred Balakrishna
Delphine Barnes
Annette Bartlett
Michael Barton
M Barton
Amy Bass
Chris Bastin
M Batchelor
Gillian Baxter
Eddy Baylis
D Birkenhead
Angela Birkett
Andrew Blackmore
E J Bland
Andrew Boreham
Laura Boreham
Brian and Philippa Boyland
Andy Brackston
Paula Bradshaw
T Bridge
J A Browning
Sarah Buckle
Marti Burgess
David Burns
Axel Burrough
E Bury
A Butterworth
Deirdre Buttle
Amanda Carmichael
J Caseley
Phil Castang
P Castang
C Catleugh
Craig Cheney
Mark Chichester
Sharon Cockram
Paul Coelho
Suzie Collins
Joyce Connett
Ann Cook
B Cooper
Rosa Corbishley
The Coronation Tap
John Cotter
V Cottle
M K Croft
Michael Crook
Matthew Crook
R Crump
A M Curtis
E Dand
Laurent Dansault
T Darling
Clea Davis
D Dawes
Amanda Delaney
D Dexter
Katie Donovan
Keith James Douglas
J Dyer
Mr & Mrs C Easthope
Victoria Edden
Laura Evans
Beth Evans
Tricia Eveson
S Ewens
Chris Farthing
Richard Foley
Eleanor Forrest
Nicola Fowler
Jo Fowles
Alan Fox
Robert Frost
L M Fuller
Ken Gibbs
Siobhan Gilchrist
Mr & Mrs F Giovannoni
T Glade
Peter Glanvill
M Grant
Jean Griffiths
Caroline Grime
Janice Guy
Jackie Haggett
E Handoll
Keith Hanson
Trevor Hardy
Muriel Harrison
H Hawkins
Malcolm Higgins
Philip Hill
Lesley Hines
Patrick Hitchcock
Sarah Hitchings
Charlotte Hockey-Berry
L Holder-White
Laura Holmes
Margaret Hook
Stuart Horton
Rev J House
J House
Katharine Howell
Ian Hubbard
Paul Hutchens
Valerie Ing
J James
Ian Jenkins
L Jenkins
J Jennings
Arie Johansen
T L Jones
A Jones
Emily Kakoullis
David John Kendall
Henry Kenyon
Ron Kerr
Judith Kilkenny
Trevor Knowles
Stuart Laing
Linda Lammond
Richard Lancaster
E Langford
E Lawton
I H Learner
Zona Lewin
M Lewis
Mr & Mrs Lewis-Smy
Y Lifely
Katherine Lye
Elizabeth Maggs-Smith
Stephen Maine
Sabrina Marie-Anais
Mr & Mrs Edward Marris
Neil Mason
P R McAuliffe
John McAuliffe
Brian McCulloch
Oliver Merchant
Claire Mitchell
Trevor Moody
S Moore
Veronica Morgan
Philippa Morgan
Julia Mortimer
P Neville
Keith Nichol
Stephen Nichols
Richard Noyle
Ernie Oakley
Joanne O’Donoghue
J S O’Driscoll
Cecilie Organ
Judith Owens
Steve Pain
Steve Parkhouse
C Pasmore
Siggy Patchitt
Alison Pavier
A E Pearson
Martina Peattie
Mike Pedley
Rafael Manuel Pepiol
M Perry
Shirley Phillips
Andrew Platt
Chris Pockett
N and J Pook
Malcolm Porter
Albert Power
C M Pratt
Tom Price
Louise Price
M Price
Timothy Pugh
Anne Pullyblank
A Rackstraw
Angela Raine
Vanessa Rawlinson
A Rennie
Jonathan Reseigh
Russell Richards
Carol Robbinson
Sarah Robertson
Kathryn Robins
Martyn Rowbottom
M Rowley
Mr & Mrs David Russell
Beatrice Scrimshaw
Felicia Severns
Gerry Shaw
Brenda Sheppard
Lee Shepstone
Michael Simpson
Graham Sims
Roger Sirett
R I Skipworth
Martin Slade
Tim Smith
Jenny Smith
M N Smith
M J Stapleton
Nathan Stephens-Silverthorne
G Strong
Robert Studholme-Smith
Rachel Sunderland
David Sunter
Alastair Sutherland
Leslie Sutherland
Teresa Tagg
R Talkowski
Vicki Tallon
Crispin Taylor
Albert Taylor
N Taylor
J Teakel
D Templar
Mike Thomas
Richard Thompson
Adele Tidball
M Tomaszewski
Marina Traversari
Panagiotis Tsarouchis
Louise Turner
Alexandra Vincent
Christopher Walker
Kate Walker
James Ward
Kenneth Welch
Mark West
Mr & Mrs David Whiting
Alison Williams
Elinor Williams
Charles Wilson
Richard Wiltshire
Lee Wood
Thomas Woodamn-Povey
Janine Woodcock
Sarah Wright
P Yeman
E Young

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