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For 150 years, Colston Hall has been a cultural hub for Bristol with our inspirational and groundbreaking music and music education experiences.

Since 2011, Bristol Music Trust has been the custodian of the city’s beloved venue, creating a music programme of national renown, a commercially profitable business and an award winning music education programme called Bristol Plays Music.

Now, Bristol Music Trust is taking on the Hall’s biggest challenge yet with a £48.8 million transformation of the city’s cultural centre that will set the stage for another 150 years of music in Bristol.

Colston Hall’s Economic Impact

Every year, some 300,000 people pack out our musical performances and we play host to 15,000 artists and musicians. In 2015-16, our activity and audiences generated an estimated £11.8 million in additional economic activity for the Bristol economy and 257 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs.

Working alongside KPMG, the professional services firm, we estimate that over the 20 years after the Hall reopens, it could generate*:

  • Up to £12.7million in additional economic activity for the Bristol economy each year by 2040, an increase of 8% compared to today
  • £254 million in additional economic activity for the Bristol economy and an extra £149 million of additional economic activity across the UK
  • A total of 274 FTE jobs a year in Bristol during this period

*this is based on a number of assumptions which can be found in the full KPMG report below.

KPMG Colston Hall Economic Impact Assessment

Impact of our partner network across the city

Today our Bristol Plays Music Education Hub provides a comprehensive education programme to get every child off to the best possible start in life. Bristol Plays Music has delivered transformative education work in communities identified by Bristol City Council as the most deprived through BPM centres and Colston Hall’s education delivery partners.

Through our partner network we have:

  • Created a city-wide Music Curriculum and we are currently working with 60% of the schools in the city
  • Attracted 29,600 visits from audiences within Bristol including those living in Whitehall, Redfield, Easton, Knowle, Hartcliffe, St Pauls, Southmead and Bedminster amongst others in 2015-16
  • Delivered 7,687 hours of music tuition across Southmead, Lockleaze, Filwood, Hartcliffe, Withywood, Hengrove, Whitchurch Park, Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston schools each year

The transformation will strengthen the ability of our music team to deliver high quality education. We will:

  • Build spaces for lifelong learning, classrooms and a technology lab ready to educate 20,000 children of all abilities and backgrounds
  • Provide a modern home for around 30 music projects, like Bristol Sings Music, to use our creative co-working space to develop the talent of young musicians
  • Help to inspire Bristol to become UK capital of young people’s music and set a benchmark for other music hubs across the country

We’re building a
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