Level Up: Plan Your 2020

Created by Young Guns Network and part of Multi-Track's Industry Inside Out

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Are you a music artist or manager?  Running a label or promoting events?  Working in publishing or PR?

If you’re feeling that 2020 is your time and want to upgrade your hustle, join us for this professional development mini-course and learn how to manage your own music business career.

Created by Young Guns Network and presented by Multi-Track.


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Level Up: Plan Your 2020

Created by Young Guns Network and part of Multi-Track's Industry Inside Out

These interactive workshops won’t focus on things like ‘how to get discovered’ or ‘how to have a hit record’ they get behind how the business side of the music industry operates, the key organisations and partners you may need to be able to succeed.

Over 3 sessions you will:

  • Get familiar with the essential ingredients needed to keep your enterprise moving forward.
  • Gain practical skills to increase your planning capability so you can stay focused on your key priorities
  • Gain the basics of financial management for the self-employed DIY artist or freelancer, and learn how to negotiate fees and ensure you get paid for your work.
  • Come away with a clear plan for marketing and selling your work, whether it’s 1-2-1 to promoters, venues, selling library music, starting your own music project, or selling to consumers and fans, and how to build your communications channels.


This professional development mini-course is for:

  • Innovators aged 18+
  • People already doing some work as a musician or with musicians
  • Those that are looking to undertake personal and professional development

Created by Young Guns Network and presented by Multi-Track.

Course Sessions

Goal Setting with Tamara Gal-On – Music Industry Coach (for Warner Chappell, MPA)
Wed 29 Jan 2020

Targeting Income with Danny Desai – Co-Founder, NOWHERENEAR Management (formerly Virgin EMI)
Wed 26 Feb 2020

Sell it Well with Lewy Lytton – Digital & Marketing Creative (formerly Domino & Universal)

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