Keaton 100: Spite Marriage (1929)

Slapstick Festival 2018

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Spite Marriage is Buster Keaton’s last silent film and one of his most underrated. Keaton plays a lovestruck fan of an actress who agrees to marry him. What he does not know is that the actress is only using Keaton to make her old flame jealous. A famous scene from this film depicts Keaton trying to put his drunk wife to bed and was recreated by Keaton later in his career. Keaton intended for this film to be a talkie, but MGM made the ultimate decision to keep it as a silent.

Accompanied live by Guenter A. Buchwald, Frank Bockius and Romano Todesco performing as The European Silent Screen Virtuosi.

This event is part of Slapstick Festival 2018 and takes place at Arnolfini.

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Keaton 100: Spite Marriage (1929)

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