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Fast Forward Festival

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A new and exciting way of communicating with people with special needs using a multi sensory Sound installation will be launched at Colston Hall as part of Fast Forward Festival,  and then travel around the South West.

Developed by Artists Rob Olins and Lee Berwick, this is a new project, designed to work in “special” education, to help people of all abilities find new ways of communicating with each other. The show consists of a series of brightly coloured acoustic mirrors (big smooth dished surfaces, like big satellite dishes or simply curved walls) and audio collages arranged so, as you move through them, speakers create pockets of sound, creating an immersive audio visual and sensory environment for the participants.

The artists have made unique audio collages for Colston Hall which will include the familiar sounds of birds, bells, singing, walking on pebbles, trains, cars, rain, people chatting, swimming pools with samples from Open Up Music.

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