MOVED: Sex, Death & Poultry

Gurt Lush Choir + Bristol MAN Chorus

NOTICE: Gurt Lush Choir’s performance on Saturday 8 July will now take place at the Wills Memorial Building on Queen’s Road, BS1 8TH. Tickets remain valid and the performance will take place at 7.45pm with tickets also available on the door.

The performance can no longer take place at Colston Hall due to an unexpected minor structural issue in the main hall.

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We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Pin back your ears and let Gurt Lush Choir and Bristol MAN Chorus whisk you on a ribald romp through two golden eras of English secular song, all trumpeting their favourite topics – sex and death.

Intransigent maidens with their knickers in a twist were worth a tune for the lascivious Elizabethan gent. Viscous laments for the afterlife? That’s our Victorians – they couldn’t get enough death in their lives.

All this and more are given a right good seeing-to by the choir known for embracing the most bonkers and out there music through the ages – the mighty, fearless Gurt Lush, gallantly supported by our handsome little brother Bristol MAN Chorus.

They also tackle scary spirituals, stonking shanties, Celtic, Bulgarian, American folk tunes. Dark, romantic, seductive – all in this choral homage to human frailty and impropriety, Sex, Death and Poultry.

The English Renaissance encompasses madrigals and partsongs, unique in their rhythmic virility, as elegantly layered as church music – but with a hefty side order of smut. By contrast the Victorian parlour song, remarkable for its smoochy harmonies, is a gorgeously over the top glorification of death.

Why poultry? Well, why not? There are some distinct farmyard noises in some of these songs, and besides, feathers are funny. Best not analysed too much. Just sit back let the Lush – and our manly accomplices – entertain you, by fair means or fowl.

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