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We’ve teamed up with St George’s Bristol and Watershed for Filmic 2017 – the annual look at the creative connections across music and film.


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Filmic 2017

We’re celebrating the fertile link between music and the silver screen this year as we team up with Watershed and St George’s Bristol for the annual Filmic series.

Filmic 2017 at Colston Hall features screenings of films that push boundaries and have won acclaim for their unique cinematic vision. Crucially, they also feature soundtracks which have been equally celebrated and in the unique setting of our main hall are realised in stunning live performances.

On Tue 7 Feb we kicked off the series with There Will Be Blood Live – Paul Thomas Anderson’s Oscar-winning film is accompanied by a live orchestral performance of Jonny Greenwood’s score.

Coming up on Fri 14 Apr we screen cult hit Under The Skin live with Mica Levi and London SinfoniettaThe intoxicating soundtrack conceived by Mica Levi, who has also recently won acclaim for her score for the film Jackie, also known as Micachu, contributed to the film’s chillingly ethereal power.

Finally, in partnership with St George’s Bristol, we present GoGo Penguin – Koyaanisqatsi – with the band performing their  newly composed score for the remarkable cinematic masterpiece.

There’s plenty more going on at Filmic 2017…

At Watershed

Sun 5 – Sun 26 Feb: the film scores of Jonny Greenwood

Sun 2 – Sun 30 April: FILM SC♀RES – Celebrating Female Composers

At St George’s Bristol

Thu 30 Mar: Mark Springer

Thu 6 Apr: Three Cane Whale


A Brief History of Filmic by Phil Johnson

Bristol’s filmic festival, which began in 2012, developed from the friendship between myself and Mark Cosgrove, the Head of Programme (or whatever he is now) at Watershed. He’s a film person mad about music, and I’m a music person mad about films, and we shared a feeling that there was an increasing amount of common ground that we ought to be covering, picking up projects that were beginning to emerge but that fell between the cracks of conventional, genre-specific programming …For the debut festival we came up with the slogan of film + music = filmic and that became our first, and in some ways only, proposition.

This year we welcome the full involvement of Colston Hall, whose Head of Programme Todd Wills has bagged the fantastic ’There Will Be Blood’ and ‘Under The Skin’ film + live music screenings. Now we have the possibility of hosting events on a larger stage, we can maybe look at bigger things for the future, but it’s not really size that matters, it’s imagination. If we want to do off-the-wall stuff, we will.

Read more about the history of Filmic from Phil Johnson here.

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