Asian Dub Foundation’s THX1138

Live score of George Lucas's Film THX 1138

Asian Dub Foundation present their new live soundtrack to the dystopian fantasy THX 1138.

Before Star Wars, George Lucas’ 1971 debut feature length film was a stylish sci-fi movie starring Robert Duvall and Donald Pleasence where chemical brainwashing, android police, CCTV and ultimate totalitarian control combine in an uncomfortable authoritarian world. This special screening sees Asian Dub Foundation (ADF) perform an exhilarating and fast moving live interpretation of the score.

Since it’s release, THX 1138 has achieved cult status. Audio samples from the dialogue and soundtrack have been used by a host of influential electronic artists including, Nine Inch Nails, The Shamen, Meat Beat Manifesto, UNKLE, Orbital,and Front 242. The film’s sound design was created by triple Oscar winner Walter Murch who also designed the soundtrack to Apocalypse Now. THX 1138 was simply years ahead of its time.

ADF are celebrated for their brilliant live shows and their trademark fusion of punk, electronic beats, reggae, bhangra and hip-hop. They have performed acclaimed live soundtracks to films including La Haine and Battle of Algiers, before producing this timely reinterpretation to demonstrate that in today’s surveillance led and electronically driven society many of THX 1138’s themes have proved to be very prescient.

This event is a 12a certificate and  is  seated (stalls).

ADF DJ Set in stalls bar after the show, until 12am.

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