Lady Macbeth

South West Dance Theatre production of MacBeth

Success but at what price? When positive aspirations give way to cut-throat ambition, the road to the top becomes a highway to hell, and each step more sinister than the last. We harness a triad of eloquent dance, dextrous prose and animated signing as we spin a tale of avarice, vice and murderous malcontent.

‘Lady MacBeth’ recasts Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy in a contemporary setting. In this modern day account it is Lady MacBeth who finds her natural drive and motivations displaced. At the uncanny suggestions by an unlikely trio that a more glorious fate awaits her, she forfeits virtue and honour for a more meteoric career. Ballet, street, contemporary dance, Latin, poetry, prose and British Sign language for the deaf all entwine in an epic story-retelling.

The event is part of the Bristol Shakespeare Festival.

Pay what it’s worth to you! – We want to make the show accessible to our audiences regardless of the size of their wallet

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The witches are wonderful, their sinuous moves, and their scuttling about up on points, are suitably eerie….The choreography throughout the piece is excellent; the murders are murderous; the balletic fight scenes work; the ensemble work is tight and visually stunning.” – Theatre Bath

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