Meet Saffron Records…

With a background in project management and a degree in fashion, although Laura Lewis–Paul has always loved music, it didn’t always strike a chord in her career ambitions.  But since working with the Creative Youth Network, Bristol Plays Music and mentors, she has reached a high note in the music industry, by discovering a gap in the market.

Working with Temple Records, Laura found that the odds of making it in the music industry were stacked against women. The idea blossomed into an all-female record label; Saffron Records.

BPM offers entrepreneurs a range of expertise through mentoring and the work they do with schools; passing on valuable information and introducing entrepreneurs to a network of young talent.

By encouraging others to indulge their creativity and providing a cross genre label, Laura has been able to return the expertise that she’s received from BPM to budding young female performers. And she also helps young people find their voice through apprenticeships.

As Saffron Records are based in Colston Hall, apprentices are on the frontline of the music industry. For example, Emma Morsi, the current digital marketing apprentice, who has been introduced to big names such as Lady Leshurr and Tanya Lacey, and Noami Harris the A&R apprentice who is developing her instincts for spotting talent by meeting aspiring young performers.

Laura Lewis–Paul, Creative Director and Founder of Saffron Records said:

We’re currently based in the education suite at Colston Hall, which is great because we can collaborate with other projects that are going on, share resources and generate fresh ideas. The only issue is that we can’t always keep up with the demand because there’s just not enough space in the office.

As part of the transformation campaign, the Hall will give start-ups like Saffron Records the space and expertise to develop their business and stimulate arts enterprise in a growing south west economy.

Owen Parry, Education Programme Coordinator (Youth) at Bristol Plays Music added:

Through group support across different areas in music we can find new energy, but capacity-wise we’ve been unable to accommodate people. That’s a shame because the relationship between BPM and creative enterprises like Saffron Records cultivates new concepts and develops existing projects through collaboration.

Having the Hall as a music education hub enriches these programmes even further; our holistic approach to music is what gets such effective results and we look forward to a transformed Colston Hall that will enable us to share these benefits more widely and bolster the Bristol economy.

Saffron Records recently pledged their support for 45k for 45m. Have you shown your support yet? Click the link to get behind our transformation campaign.

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