Case Study: Mark Wheatley

Colston Hall is a thriving part of the Bristol economy, attracting hundreds of thousands of people to the city each year. A hub for aspiring and establishing talent, Colston Hall provides a flexible programme of support to enable young people to turn their music skills into businesses.

Digital music expert and Head of Product and Design at MixRadio, Mark Wheatley has been paving the way in technology management and design for more than 18 years. Working in a Bristol based organisation that competes on a global scale with well-known companies like Spotify, Mark understands the importance of stimulating arts enterprise in a growing south west economy.

This starts with the transformation of Colston Hall, which would breathe new life into Colston Street’s public realm, establish a base for commercial arts enterprise and boost the local economy by £100 million over the first 5 years. To demonstrate support of this redevelopment, Colston Hall has launched 45k for 45m, a campaign which calls on the support of 45,000 people across Bristol, the region and the country.

Mark was one of the first three people to sign up to the campaign, which will make the case for investment from the Government, private donors and other sources, like the Heritage Lottery Fund, to achieve the £45 million target.

Aside from his career at MixRadio, Mark has been both a consumer and provider of music, from hosting renowned artists like Portishead at Mr Wolf’s to being a founder member of festival stalwarts the Grumpyman DJs. For Mark, creative culture is Bristol’s secret weapon and he believes that currently exists despite the infrastructure. Culture needs to be cultivated, so that organisations like MixRadio continue to thrive of its presence.

He said,

To make a city economically successful, you need a strong cultural presence that triggers a wow factor. Colston Hall’s redevelopment plans for greater capacity, more performances and inspiring build quality will stimulate arts enterprise in a growing south west economy.

The estimated boost of £100 million will give a shot in the arm for the Bristol economy. I hope everyone can get behind this exciting campaign.

45k for 45m aims to demonstrate the wholehearted support of people across Bristol, the region and the country for Colston Hall’s transformation, which is vital to secure the £45m investment.

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