Statement on Gurt Lush Choir performance

Updated 10/07/2017

Gurt Lush Choir’s performance on Saturday 8 July was relocated to the Wills Memorial Building on Queen’s Road.

The change of location was due to an unexpected minor structural issue in the main hall at Colston Hall. Over the weekend a small fracture in the ceiling of the main hall was identified and as we are aware of safe, undisturbed asbestos in the old part of the building we took the precaution to  close the Hall for the evening as the safety of our visitors and performers is paramount.

The issue is now being checked to ensure it remains safe and our understanding at this time is that this matter will be resolved early this week and will not affect any further shows.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused for those that attended Saturday night’s relocated concert and are grateful to the University of Bristol for providing an alternative venue at such short notice.

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