VIDEO: Colston Hall 150: Hall of Memories

Colston Hall first opened its doors to the public 150 years ago on the 20th September 1867, after The Colston Hall Company bought the land to fulfil their vision of building a concert hall in the city. The Hall has seen four iterations in its 60 years, with the fourth and present Colston Hall opening in 1951.

A landmark venue and historic meeting place for the people of Bristol, the Hall has continued to connect generations of artists with thousands of audiences to create millions of unforgettable encounters. The Hall has been a venue for meetings and rallies, circus acts, comedians and wrestling bouts. But for many it is the music that has moved them most.

The Hall’s story is bound up with the story of music itself. From great choirs and orchestras to grandees of the swing age. From the pioneers of rock ‘n’ roll to punk, reggae, and global rhythms…

You’ve shared it all with us.