Supporting St Pauls Carnival

Following a spectacular 50th anniversary in 2018, Bristol Music Trust is once again pleased to be supporting St Pauls Carnival, which returns this Saturday, 6 July.

Since its beginnings back in 1968, St Pauls Carnival has grown in size and reputation to become one of Bristol’s biggest attractions. Crossing generations through a celebration of Afro Caribbean culture, it is an event where every float, every stage, every performer and every person tells a story – and that story is how music and dance and community can bring people together.

Last year we supported the organisers to create the official 50th anniversary anthem, working in collaboration with Aspiration Creation Elevation based at Docklands Youth Centre, young people from St Pauls and some of the city’s most established artists and producers.

This year we’re pleased to be supporting the education programme in schools as well as the general organisation of the event, ensuring that Carnival’s spirit and ethos of music, unity and community is shared by all ages.

You too can help support Carnival. You can still download last year’s anthem, the proceeds of which go to the organisers, here.

Or you can check out their crowdfunder page for this year’s event here.