Nicolas Jaar at Simple Things

We caught up with Nicolas Jaar and his visual artist Tarik Barri after their performance at Simple Things to see how they enjoyed the gig… here’s what they said.

Hey Guys, welcome to Colston Hall, is this your first time in Bristol?

NJ – Yes, No! It’s your first time in Bristol [to Tarik]?

TB – No this is my third time in Bristol I think. I did a solo performance with Arc Festival a few months back, actually this is my second real time in Bristol!

NJ – I think I played at Thekla, yeah I definitely played at Thekla!

Have you been on a cider crawl yet?

NJ – No not yes, I’m a bit sick actually so I feel like it’s not really a good idea at this time but I would LOVE to go on a cider crawl! Sounds great!

How did your Simple Things 2013 set go at Colston Hall for you?

NJ – We were just looking at Tarik’s visuals and they looked amazing, what he was doing in terms of the music I feel like I hardly played that hard, I don’t think I know what happened, actually I know what happened… I haven’t ever played a show of mine where I can just do whatever I want and maybe like it’s been 5 or 6 shows… It started with the Barbican and it was like slow and experimental and then I played again with the Joshua Light Show also kind of experimental and then I did 3 dark side shows and that’s not even my music but today I was like f**k it I can do whatever I want, I can play hard if I want to so for me it was a celebration of this is a ME show again when I’ve done a week of playing other stuff.

TB – yeah it confused the hell outta me which was also a very nice thing cause I was improvising with visuals I was posting things which I’ve never seen myself before either so today was a real lotta fun.

Fair to say you felt rather relaxed at CH?

NJ – Yeah definitely

It was really enjoyable to see actually.  We program a wide variety of events, and we are known as more of a classical venue or for the big touring rock and pop artists or comedians. We’ve had lots of comments today about how refreshing it is to see a different program of artists…. watching people jumping about in the balcony and seeing a dance music atmosphere in the main hall has been great, would you agree?

NJ – I’m sure it can be quite a stuffy venue and I’ve been playing at stuffy venues all week but I guess this time I looked around the room at the crowd, I always do that, I make a point to go set up my equipment and help my guys. And I was like “these are college kids” there were very few people who I felt like were older. Maybe there were some older people around but I thought let’s all just have fun! I guess I just looked at the crown and I just wanna have fun and play some dance music and play a little more dancey music than I usually do and I think that they look young they look like they wanna have fun so it was a little more hedonistic tonight than what it usually is.

So you’re not going to stay and get involved with the rest of the festival tonight then?

NJ – oh I wish I wish! But I’m sick I really do.

Have you got any parting messages for the good people of Bristol?!

NJ – I feel both times I’ve played in Bristol I’ve played very different sets, I don’t know why I feel like at a festival like this the knowledge of electronic music goes further and therefore it’s not the type of place where I necessarily have to go and play the songs that I am known for but I can just do whatever I want and today what I wanted was very ravey and hardcore. But I guess that happened, so thank you Bristol

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