Colston Hall

Bristol New Music, on a Budget

This weekend, Bristol's contemporary music biennial returns with a diverse line-up that boldly traverses the musical spectrum in venues across the cit...


Bristol New Music 2018 Schedule

Bristol New Music 2018 brings together an exciting array of eclectic artists pre...


VIDEO: 19th century French Music

Learn about 19th century French music's extraordinary mix of traditional, progre...

Bristol Plays Music

Bristol’s music education hub awarded £1.1m of Arts Council funding

This week we've heard the fantastic news that Bristol Plays Music, our sister or...


Bastille in photos

Returning to the Hall for the first time since 2013, indie pop heavyweights Bast...


In Photos - Anatomy of the Orchestra in rehearsal

On Fri 6 Apr The British Paraorchestra and Army of Generals began their exploration into The Anatomy of the Orchestra in their first R&D rehearsa...

Colston Hall

Colston Hall joins Ticketing Without Barriers Coalition

Colston Hall has joined the Ticketing Without Barriers Coalition launched by Att...

Bristol Plays Music

National Centre launched to help disabled musicians into industry

Today we're delighted to announce that Bristol Music Trust will launch a nationa...

Bristol Plays Music

Bristol Music Trust gives a home to Bristol's collection of hundreds of music scores

Bristol’s collection of over 1,200 music sets and scores will remain in the ci...

Colston Hall

Pocket Planner Apr-Sep 2018

Our new pocket planner has just arrived and will soon be landing on doorsteps ac...

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