Hall of Memories

Did you see The Beatles in ‘64? Did you meet your other half at Bob Marley in ’76? Maybe you came to your first gig here this year?

As the date of our 150th anniversary draws closer we’ve been delving through our archives and asking you for your inspiring memories of Colston Hall.

Legends have given their all for us but it is you, our audiences, that have made so many moments to remember.

First gigs and first dances – perhaps even first kisses – we have shared millions of timeless moments with you, all inspired by the music that has come alive in Colston Hall.

If you’ve had an unforgettable moment with us, we’d love to hear about it. Click the button below to email your favourite anecdotes or share them on social media with the hashtags #hallofmemories and #colstonhall150.

We’ve been delighted with the memories you’ve shared with us so far – wind back the clock and read them for yourself in the feed below.

To find out more about Colston Hall’s rich musical history, visit our full archives here.

For more information on our 150th anniversary celebrations visit our Colston Hall 150 page for information about celebratory concert programme, events you can get involved with and our Big Birthday Bash on Wed 20 Sep 2017.

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