Access Requirement Register Renewal

1 Personal Details
2 Access Requirements
3 Personal Assistants (Carers)
  • Application Process

    This is a renewal form for anyone who has already applied to be included on Colston Hall's Access Requirement Register. If this is your first time making an application, please complete our Access Requirement Register form here.

    The renewal can be made by either the disabled person or by the Personal Assistant (essential carer) if they will be booking tickets on behalf of the disabled person. If you are a Personal Assistant who cares for more than one individual you will need to apply separately for each person you assist.

    Please refer to our Access Requirements Information Sheet for further details about the Access Requirement Register.

    This form contains 4 Sections

    Sections A and Section B will need to be filled out for all applications. We require this information so that we can renew your access information.

    Section C need only be filled out for customers who still require a Personal Assistant to attend the venue with them.

    Section D is for any change in details. Please use this section to update any changes to your contact details and/or circumstances that relate to the individual registered on the access requirement register.

    Please note that providing information is not a guarantee that accessible seats will be available at all performances. We will process your form within 5 working days.

  • Section A

  • For your convenience we will register you for 3 years so that you do not need to re-submit it every year. The information you supply for the Access Requirement Register will help us to find appropriate seats for you quickly and easily and will save time when you book in future. We will not share your personal data with any third party organisations.

    People who intentionally give false information will be removed from the Access Requirement Register. This list will be monitored regularly.