Beethoven and Bonaparte

Inside the Music : Beethoven and Bonaparte

Editor of BBC Music Magazine Oliver Condy sheds some light on the circumstances surrounding the great works that feature in the Bristol International Classical Season 2015-16 at Colston Hall. These bite-sized programme notes and accompanying videos cut to the heart of the music, allowing you to get that little bit more from your classical experience. Beethoven Symphony No 3. Eroica In the Summer of 1803, Beethoven rented a small house…

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Colston Hall to take part in Refill Bristol

Colston Hall are taking part in Refill Bristol, a city-wide campaign that is promoting drinking water around the city, provided FREE by local businesses direct from the tap. The campaign has come about as part of Bristol’s City To Sea initiative which aims to combat the marine litter problem. If not discarded of carefully, single use plastic bottles end up in our streets and waterways; they’re often seen littering the…


Get ‘Collectively Creative’ this year with MixRadio Remix Academy!

The MixRadio Remix Academy is kicking off the Autumn with a boom and a bap so, if you are 11-17 years old and serious about developing your musical talents, come along and discover our brand new offer for 2015-16. We are holding a FREE Open Day on Saturday 19 September, 10:30am-12:30pm, at the Remix Studios in Colston Hall, which is a chance to find out about what’s on offer over…