The Uncovered Series

A series of music industry and practical courses for adults:

  • Songwriting and Composition
  • Music Technology
  • Performance
  • Music Business

The Uncovered series takes the shape of conferences, seminars, weekly evening classes, weekend and week day-long workshops.

All of our courses and events are facilitated by music industry experts and professional musicians.

Producer Uncovered

Ableton Beginners: 4 June to 9 July, Wednesdays 7-10pm, Education Suite, £120

Advanced: 4 August to 8 August, 10am until 4pm, Education Suite, £180 + £30 for those wishing to cut a dubplate

(suitable for anyone aged 18+)

A 6 week beginner and full week intensive advanced music production courses. Delivered by professional music producers and guest industry specialists the course will give participants a comprehensive introduction to the field.

Each session has four main areas of study:

  • Technical Skills
  • Creative Development
  • Professional Development
  • Contextual Study

By the end of the courses we aim for you to be able to:

  • Produce your own music using industry standard software
  • Choose and manipulate appropriate sounds for a given genre
  • Create appropriate rhythm tracks for a given genre
  • Use effects that are in keeping with the given genre
  • Use recording techniques that complement overall genre conventions
  • Mixdown final track using appropriate production values

The course covers a number of elements of music production including audio sequencing, digital signal processing and sound design.

These courses are led by Wedge, with specialist guest sessions.  Past tutors and guest industry professionals include Dazee, Appleblim, Crewz and Interface.

For further information and to book online visit the course pages:
Ableton Live: Beginners
Producer Uncovered Advanced

To discuss the courses contact us at or call us on 0117 204 7124.