The MixRadio Remix Academy

Creative Development for 7-21 year olds

The MixRadio Remix Academy is a creative development programme run by Bristol Plays Music at Colston Hall.

It aims to help young people between the ages of 7 and 21 get the most out of their passion for music, with the support of professional music mentors.

The academy takes the shape of weekly workshops, with regular sharing and performance opportunities. Young people can develop their musical skills in a supportive and dynamic environment with fully equipped facilities including the latest music technology. Our studios and rehearsal spaces are fully equipped with Mac suites and live band rooms with full kit.

  • Music making
  • Song writing skills
  • Performance
  • Music technology
  • Event promotion and programming
  • Music industry experience

The MixRadio Remix Academy is split into three age groups:

7-10 year olds

11-18 year olds

16-21 year olds

The MixRadio Remix Academy

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